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2,000 Days as a Writer: 2,000 Words You Need to Read

I’ve recently spent some time reminiscing about the entirety of my journey as a freelancer thus far and thinking about what I would have done differently (in a positive growth hindsight rather than festering regret). This will not be a tactical guide on how to increase your typing speed or rewire your brain. It will,…
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Why Content Marketing Is The Best Way To Advertise Your Business

Content marketing is indisputably a cornerstone of the business world. Most successful companies understand its worth and have thus spent years reaping the benefits that it has to offer. In fact, one study showed that 93% of marketing managers in North America have strong commitments to content marketing. Gone are the days when you would…
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Quality Over Quantity: A Cautionary Tale

Favoring quantity over quality is one of the biggest pitfalls that those who are new to content might get caught in. Many first-time marketers think that more is more, but that isn’t always the case. Maintaining quality will be more beneficial to your business than focusing on sheer volume. Let’s visualize this concept through a…
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