7 Things To Do During Your Work Breaks

After slaving away for hours, taking a break feels like a godsend, but when the time finally comes, some find that they don’t know what to do during this period. Today, we’re going to go over some things that you can do during your breaks to boost your physical fitness and mental health. Note: try…
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4 Chrome Extensions That Will Boost Your Productivity

In the world of freelancing, newcomers and veterans have one common enemy: procrastination. Staying productive is a struggle for even the most seasoned veterans. When there’s no boss watching, what’s stopping you from putting your work on hold and watching a YouTube video? Technology isn’t sophisticated enough for you to download an AI holographic boss…
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69: The Ultimate Productivity System

Staying productive can be hard. You try to focus on your work but end up burning yourself out, so you give yourself more free time then never get any work done and spend most of the day watching TV. The key to being productive is finding that magical balance between procrastination and burnout — the…
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